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About CBD Oil in Las Vegas

What is CBD Oil?
CBD (cannabidiol) is a natural chemical compound from the hemp plant. CBD does not produce intoxication or get you high, because it is not a psychotropic cannabinoid like the THC, found in marijuana (cannabis). CBD is legal in Las Vegas, Nevada and all 50 states.

How Does CBD Oil Work?
CBD supports a newly discovered master regulatory system in your body – the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) – which is responsible for regulating and balancing your brain, nervous system and immune system to ensure optimal health. CBD interacts with millions of cannabinoid receptors and neurotransmitters found in cells all throughout your body. Researchers discovered the ECS when researching how cannabis works in the body. Your body makes its own cannabinoids and they are found in nature, including in the hemp plant, which contains huge quantities natural cannabinoids.

Why Our CBD Products Are Superior


We only use Full-Spectrum Hemp oil to make all our CBD products to ensure we capture all vital wholefood co-factors.

100% Organic

All our CBD products are made from 100% Organic Hemp to ensure the highest quality, potency and effectivenes.


Our CBD is up to 10x more potent and effective than regular CBD oils. They work faster, better and last longer.

Made in The USA

All our CBD products are harvested, extracted and packaged in the United States to ensure the highest quality. 

US Hemp Certified

All our CBD products meet stringent US Hemp Authority quality standands and undergo 3rd party laboratory testing.

CBD-Only Store

We only carry CBD products at our family-friendly local CBD store in Las Vegas. We do not carry any cannabis products.

Get A Free Sample

Most people feel the effect of our water soluble and nano-enhanced CBD within five minutes of trying a sample!

30-Day Guarantee

We are so confident you will get the results you need, we give you a no hassle 30-day money back guarrantee.

CBD American Shaman Success Stories

“My son’s been on medication since he was 6 for anxiety and ADHD. Now he’s completely off all of his medications for three months. It’s a blessing like a brand new kid new personality just very outgoing and it’s wonderful he’s able to just sit and listen and his teacher now he says he’s able to actually like focus on the teacher.”

Keri Meeler

“I was very sick with a number of conditions. It was so bad I could not climb stairs because the pain. CBD has helped with all that also with anxiety it seems to have calmed my mind. CBD has improved the quality of my life. I can go jogging now and it helped me a lot to go through my challenges, I’m getting better and better and better.”

Francois D’ours

“I suffer from Fibromyalgia and I have for over 10 years, pain everywhere. I came here and tried a sample of the CBD Topical Cream and the Water Soluble CBD. I’ve been here talking for about 15 minutes and I want to say I could go play tennis! I have zero pain. I can’t believe it. It’s amazing. Thank you CBD American Shaman!”

Karen, from Summerlin

3 Steps To Getting CBD Relief in Las Vegas

Call Your Local Store
Get Questions Answered

We believe in local community and personal support, so we are here to answer your questions, find solutions and help get you the relief you are looking for with CBD.

Try Our Products
100% Risk Free

Such fast results from our Nano-Enhanced Water Soluble CBD must be experienced to be believed. So come in for a free sample and get a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

Enjoy All The Benefits of CBD and Change Your Life

Every day our CBD products are freeing people from the stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia and other issues that stop you from fully living and enjoying your life. 

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We provide the highest quality CBD Oil in Las Vegas. Our Nano-Enhanced CBD products are more potent, work faster, last longer and are up to 10 times more bio-active than regular CBD oil. 

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