If you’re searching online for the best CBD oil near me, close to where you live in Las Vegas, then welcome to our local CBD-only store.

We carry the highest quality CBD oil nearby and close to where you live – just west off the I-95 Freeway and the Summerlin Parkway on West Lake Mead Blvd.  

Our family-friendly CBD store is very close to Sun City Summerlin, Las Vegas Golf Club, Angel Park Golf Club, The Lakes, Desert Shores and many other local neighborhoods.  

We’re here to answer your questions about CBD and to introduce you to the most effective CBD on the market today – CBD American Shaman’s water soluble CBD, enhanced with nano technology to be 10 times more effective than regular CBD oils.

Ever since the many health benefits of CBD oil were discovered, the CBD industry has been booming. Naturally, many people have turned to CBD in order to relieve stress, anxiety, pain and other various conditions. However, not every brand of CBD oil will help you achieve the desired effects, so a bit of homework is important.

When you’re searching for CBD oil near me in Sun City, close to Summerlin, nearby Downtown Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Strip and or anywhere in the Las Vegas area, you’ll see that there are many kinds to choose from with various terms used to describe the CBD: full-spectrum, isolate and other variations similar to these.

CBD Store Near Me – Why Quality Matters

We’re proud to be part of the fastest-growing CBD store franchise in the US, with over 600 stores nationwide. The reason we are growing so fast is because we have the highest-quality CBD oil products that get fast and long lasting results for our customers. 

At CBD American Shaman, it all comes down to quality and purity. Our line of products contain the highest quality organic US grown hemp oil available. We lab test every batch of our products using Ultra Performance Convergence Chromatography to ensure potency and purity standards.In fact, every label on all our products contains a QR code, so you can scan and instantly verify the quality and lab test results.

6 Reasons Why CBD American Shaman Products are Superior

Reason #1 – Our Proprietary Nanotechnology Makes Our CBD up to 10x More Effective

CBD American Shaman spent years developing our nanotechnology process that converts normal CBD oil (oil-based) into a water-soluble CBD in order to make more effective CBD products. 

This unique process reduces the particle size of normal CBD oil from 4,000 nanometers to less than 100 nanometers, which increases the potency and bioactivity of our CBD products by up to 10 times compared to regular CBD oils. 

Regular CBD oil must go through the body’s digestive processes, so it loses about 90% of its benefits. But our Nano-enhanced CBD products are water-based, just like your body, so they work faster, last longer, are more effective, more potent and 10X more bioactive inside your body. 

Reason #2 – Made from Organic Hemp in the USA – All our products are harvested, extracted and made in the United States using 100% organic and full-spectrum hemp oil. And we batch test our products at an independent lab to ensure the highest quality. 

Reason #3 – Low-heat Natural CO2 Extraction – We use a special low-heat CO2 extraction process which is the most effective way to extract the CBD because it preserves the vital food factors and all the active ingredients in the hemp oil. 

Reason #4 – Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil – All our CBD extract comes from whole-plant hemp oil that contains the full range of beneficial hemp oil compounds such as terpenes, flavonoids, secondary cannabinoids and everything else nature provides in the hemp plant. 

Reason #5 – All our CBD products are Rich in Terpenes – Terpenes are the primary active ingredients in all essential oils made from medicinal plants and flowers, including the hemp plant. 

Reason #6 – We Control Production from Seed to Shelf – American Shaman is the only producer of CBD (we know of) that is 100% vertically integrated from seed to shelf.

What does that mean? We actually produce our own seeds in fields that we own and then grow industrial hemp for extraction. One of our main sources of product is from our field in Montana, which is around 1,000 acres of responsibly grown hemp. We grow our own hemp to ensure the highest CBD levels, while being licensed and grown under a watchful eye.

We’re also proud to run our own extraction facilities where we take the biomass from all of our grows and produce the full-spectrum CBD oil used to formulat all of our CBD products.

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Feel the Effects Within Just 5 Minutes – Most people are amazed to feel relief from stress, anxiety and/or pain within just 5 minutes of trying our super-potent water soluble CBD for the first time.  

We are so confident you will get the results you need, we give you a totally risk-free offer – all store customers get a 100% money-back guarantee on all our products.  We hope to see you soon!